“Keep my inbox private”
September 16, 2009, 12:02 am
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photo by _Max-B

photo by _Max-B

It seems Facebook and it’s users are constantly in conflict over how user-generated content can be used and accessed. In August 2009 Facebook announced changes to its messaging service allowing applications access to user’s inboxes. While an application cannot access inbox information without a user’s authorisation, it is not possible to use applications without agreeing to this authorisation. Even if you avoid using applications altogether, messages to friends who do use applications will be accesible. Facebook users are signing a petition in protest of these changes. The petition itself takes the form of a Facebook applicaiton and is widely accessible to Facebook users. As a social networking site, Facebook is highly reliant on the quantity and engagement of its users who are the primary content producers. It is important for the sites success that Facebook users have a say in the operation of the site, or at least feel as though they these petitions have some effect. Facebook has the power to take down the petition, but hasn’t. Are they genuinely encouraging a dialogue, or simply placating users by allowing an outlet for their opinions? 

You can read the Facebook blog post here

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