TweetPhoto and TwitPic
October 23, 2009, 8:42 am
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I’m not entirely sure why tweetphoto and twitpic should co-exists. Both allow users to upload a single image at a time. Pictures are streamed as thumbnails. Users can comment on pictures and subcribe to certain image feeds. Both present a very differnt way to viewing images than a traditional phtoto album or even a facebook album. One of the main reasons I can see for the appeal of this kind of photosharing is portability. Viewing a traditional album on the move is physically inconvinient. Viewing an entire facebook album or flickr stream could be tedious, even ineffective. Twitpic and TwiiterPhoto are designed for mobile internet use. Users can share photos from their phone instantly with their entire network instead of sending them off to one person at a time. Viewers are able to interact, making their experience more social.

The biggest difference I can see between the two is that TweetPhoto advertises Facebook compatibility. On the homepage it says: “TweetPhoto is a photo sharing platform for the real-time web. Instantly share photos on Twitter and Facebook.” While different social networking sites are naturally competitive, convergence of content seems to appeal to users and is often pursued by the sites. Twitter updates can be linked to facebook accounts, meaing that users don’t have to divide content between multiple networks. It is interesting that facebook and twitter have come to such an arrangement. It seems to be mutually beneficial. It is convenient for users to have accounts with both.

More on content convergence later.


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