Twitter Hawk- super spam or a welcome hand?
October 25, 2009, 9:48 am
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Twitter Hawk is a web company that monitors twitter posts and auto replies with advertising in predetermined situations. For example, if advertising a new Italian restaurant in Sydney, Twitter Hawk would monitor postings for people looking for Italian food within a predetermined radius of the restaurant. If a person posts a tweet with something like “I could really go for some pizza” and are within the geographic target market for the restaurant- Twitter Hawk will send an automated response to the user with details of their client’s restaurant (costing the client 5 cents).

From a marketing standpoint, this is a great idea as it can directly target people with information they seek, somewhat like advice from a friend when they are looking for something. On the flip side, although tweets are posted to a public audience, the fact that they can be then used to target us with advertising is intrusive- just like the tracking scripts and spyware already addressed in this blog.

How can we oppose this? Well realistically we can’t, save getting rid of our Twitter accounts or being extremely careful about what we tweet about- but then where is the fun in that? Why should I have to carefully construct my tweets so some aggressive marketer can’t spam my account? STFU Twitter Hawk!


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