Facebook – is it the real you???
September 24, 2009, 5:30 am
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Social networking sites were originally created to be an extension of ones self, the question is – is that true? Most users use face book to keep in contact with their social circle and to keep them updated when their lives change or develop, however there are many different types of users. An excellent text on this topic was written by Howard Rheingold, called ‘the virtual community’, he describes a different type of user (quiet, introvert and shy) someone looking for a community other than the one they live in. Online communities like face book give them the chance to be who they really are a chance to really express themselves without the stand back approach many have in every day life. Face book could then be an extension of ones self or a ‘new you’, an example I have come across is, the initial choosing of our profile picture, what picture do you show? Many find the best picture of themselves one were they are the most happy and vibrant – this then brings me to the main point of this entry, are you creating a new you online that differs greatly from the real you? What would happen if you could alter yourself in everyday life situations?

 (This is a topic I think relates back to our main point – are our personal histories online the same as our real personal histories? What you find on the internet about someone might just be what they intended you find! Let me know what you’s think – carlie)